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Wyrd's Way is a heathen owned company and has been in business since its founding in 2001. Wyrd's Way has been operated since 2006 by the current owners, two heathen artists who are dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding customer service to our friends.

All orders will be shipped via priority mail with tracking. All prices include tracking, shipping and handling for orders within the continental United States.  For international orders, please email us for shipping prices. In stock orders are shipped within one week of receipt of your order. We do not keep an inventory of ritual items, as all are handmade. Your order is custom made to your specifications, and can take three to six weeks delivery time.

Wyrd's Way exists to service those who have a desire to follow the Norse/Germanic traditions relating to the faith known as heathenry. We do not involve ourselves with politics or any movement other than the Great Reawakening of our Folk.

Enjoy, and may the High Ones continue to bless you with strength, vitality and the enduring will to power.

In the first edition of the Jan - June 2015 catalog, Wyrd’s Way published the news that our catalog, pamphlets and booklets, and acceptance of mail orders would be discontinued effective June 30, 2015. Since we released this news we have received quite a few letters expressing disappointment - which we knew would happen. What we did not expect was the overwhelming amount of correspondence containing well wishes, the facts regarding the few resources available to the Asatrú community, and the number of requests to reconsider this decision.


Ummm, wow.  I am at a loss for words (which doesn’t often happen) and  absolutely astounded at the outpouring of response.


Effective immediately the Wyrd’s Way catalog and availability of all items will continue until further notice. Thank you to all for your continued support of our “little business”.


In Frith,



Our catalog link below is free of charge. Please note:  Items relecting a

sale price in our catalog are only for mail orders, not for internet sales. 



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